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BUZZ January 12th, 2015 BUZZ
Just To Be Perfectly Clear

In This Matter, as below, the prevailing and paramount authority to enter traditional territories is regulated by OIPC custom laws; not, through the non-jurisdictional claim of law by Crown Canada in the absence of justifiable (Free, Prior, Informed Consent) trade agreements or treaties - any, other claim of jurisdiction is a breach of international law / UN Charter, Chapter VII ... namely, the right to regulate transport rests with the governing Original indigenous Peoples of the territory ... the dispute between UBERX and the Taxi Industry is not a matter for Crown Canada law... per SQYX / (Investment & Development Of Genius)
Goodwin RC <goodwinrc.hq@gmail.com>

JAN 7th, 2015 To Partners. Victoria, UBER

UBER Group Calling   

Goodwin RC (goodwinrc.hq@gmail.com)  Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 3:51 AM

To: partners.victoria@uber.com

Greetings, UBER / UBERX
We thought that we should introduce ourselves - through Peace Trust & Friendship / Two Row Wampum - in order to invite you to enter into exploratory dialogue on the matter of Trespass into Original indigenous Peoples territories : Free Prior Informed Consent
Please, reply (circa <5 business days) by email with an acceptance to proceed with confidential discussions of mutual interest.
UBER Group Ambassador-at-Large : SQYX
1.778.433.3908  or 1.250.709.1809